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More than just a tutoring company

We are the creators and innovators of Academic Personal Training. We were not established to merely provide the world with competent tutors; we were established to change lives. We discovered early on that basic tutoring was simply not enough to produce the results we were after with our students. They were consistently making the same mistakes as they were unsure how to successfully strategise the way they go about their learning and schooling in general. It was as if they were never taught how to become independent, successful students. Through the under-development and lack of mentoring in the tutoring industry, Academic Personal Training was born.

Academic Personal Training is the art of transforming students' lives.

It revolves around four core values that when come together spark brilliance and create transformation:

A Team - Analyse
A Team - Inspire
A Team - Teach
A Team - Mentor

What is academic personal training?

Academic Personal Training is the philosophy where not only students are taught how to behave, study and excel like "A" standard students throughout academic strategy and mentoring programs, but also where the tutors are specifically handpicked, screened, molded and developed into the ultimate educators and mentors. Our specially trained Academic Personal Trainers are unparalleled in the highly competitive education industry. Their motivation is not only to attain high grades but to facilitate the transformation of students into successful people within society. In essence, their driving force is to change lives.

Currently, there are 700,000 "A" students across Australia and it is our belief that any student can achieve this with the right attitude, mentoring and strategies. Will you be one of them?

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