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How To Help Your Child Succeed At School #2 – Being a Student’s Ally

Parents and students are allies, not friends Now, I can already hear some of you flinch at that statement. You may be the type of parent that is genuinely friends with their child. Hear me out – that title is not insinuating that you’re wrong!   I’ll give you an example to illustrate – the

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Your Only Limit Is You: The Key To Motivating Students

  Have you ever wondered why do we do the things we do?   Specifically, what motivates us and how can we learn to channel motivation when it’s lacking?   Perhaps we should consider a more appropriate question: how can we ensure that we construct an environment that allows us to feel motivated, and overcome

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How To Get An A In Maths A (7 Steps)

  Maths A is underrated in its difficulty. Whilst being one of the lower levels of maths you can do at school, it still requires a considerable knowledge of content. Most importantly, students need the ability to apply that knowledge to difficult situations.   Knowing about depreciation of their car, interest on loans and the

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How Parents Can Help Their Child Succeed In School [ An Introduction ]

  Ah, the teenage mind – an element that is both familiar, and yet so very, very, very strange to all of those above the age of 18. One might think that I, a culturally branded ‘young adult’, would have some insight into the teenage mind.   As someone who works with them on a

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How To Help Your Child Succeed at School # 1 – Motivating a Student

  Have you ever heard of the old “carrot and stick” technique? It uses a visual metaphor of a person, using a carrot tied to a stick to lead a donkey wherever they want it to go. It’s a quaint image: holding out a potential reward, and using it to lead a person to accomplish

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How To Get An A In Maths B [7 Steps With Pictures]

  The jump from Year 10 Maths to Year 11 Maths B feels more like a leap across a great chasm, the shock of which leads many to fall far from the other side. A great number of students pre-emptively drop to Maths A, many of whom are discouraged by their teachers or even parents.

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Top 10 Trends In The Education Sector In 2017

  Every new year brings new ideas and trends. 2016 was quite a challenging year in the education industry, but somehow very rewarding. One of the most incredible things about 2016 was that technology in education never stopped evolving.   Educators all around the world were either discovering new ways to incorporate technology in their

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How A Team Tuition Tutors Are Transforming Gold Coast Students

Contents1 –2 How A Team Tuition Tutors Transformed Two Gold Coast Students From C- to A Grades in 3 Months!2.1 Our Scholarship Students First Term Results Are In!2.2 “Achieving an A grade is not a test of IQ. It is a test of resiliency, strategy, dedication, drive and commitment”2.3 Hayden McEvoy2.4 So what now?3 Skylah

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How To Get An A In English (7 Steps)

– – Contents1 7 Rules For Achieving An “A” Grade In English2 1. Answer the Task Appropriately3 2. Work With Your Teacher4 3. Go Beyond The Task5 4. Read Widely5.0.1 A supplement is not a substitute for the source.6 5. Take Content in Actively7 6. Make Sure You’re Organised8 7. Know You Can 7 Rules

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Meet the Winners of A Team Tuition’s $5000 Tutoring Transformation Scholarship!

– Imagine what it feels to win a prize so great, that you know from this point onwards, your life will change forever? On Wednesday the 26th of April 2017, A Team Tuition was able to gift two lucky students this exact moment. As Skylah Rhambold and Waide Carson’s names were called to the stage at their weekly whole school

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