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Secondary and Tertiary School Tutors: Gold Coast & Brisbane

A Team Tuition has forever altered the very foundation of the education industry. Our emphasis on mentorship and innovation is changing the way the world views Australia as an academic nation. We represent change and transformation.

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Our Private In-Home Tutoring Service:

Our Secondary and Tertiary student approach begins with our Creating A Students Program. This program was originally designed by A Team Tuition to provide all students with the secrets of the elusive A-student. It is a step-by-step recipe for success within secondary and tertiary academia. All of the secrets that were uncovered by some of Australia's brightest academic minds have been collated into this single program such as:


  • Creating the A-Student Academic Mindset
  • Student Goal Setting and Self Analysis
  • Positive Development of Student-Teacher Relationships
  • Classroom Engagement Strategies
  • Customised "Quality over Quantity" Study Strategies
  • Personalised Time Management Plans
  • Exam and Assignment Stress Management Strategies
  • Understanding Nutrition and Health for Academic Performance


This program is how we create A-students.

transformation of students through private tutoting

With the mentorship of our specially trained Academic Personal Trainers equipped with the Creating A Students Program, A Team Tuition has achieved the following results:

a team tuition is producing more "A" students through private tutoring

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Outcomes of the Creating A Students Program

Outcomes of the Creating A Students Program:

  • Improved Academic Attitude and Motivation
  • Improved Student-Teacher Relationships
  • Improved Study Habits
  • Improved Problem Solving Ability
  • Improved Time Management
  • Improved Stress Management Strategies

  • Improved Self Image and Confidence
  • Improved Goal Setting and Self Analysis
  • Improved Independent Learning Strategies
  • Improved Understanding of Content
  • Improved Exam and Assignment Results
  • Improved Grades


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