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Just a taste of what people are saying

... I honestly would have been lost without this manual. It has taught me a lot heading into university and I will definitely use the techniques it taught me to write future EEI's and research reports.

Miss Jacinda Manettas - A Standard Chemistry Student

... I went from being a B standard student to an A+ standard literally overnight with the manual. I would 100% recommend it to anyone who wants results quickly, because hands down it works every time.

Miss Madison Brown - A+ Standard Chemistry Student

... As a former secondary school teacher in HPE and Senior Sciences, now currently involved in tertiary education, I believe this manual is the perfect tool for assisting students with achieving their academic potential...

Dr Christopher Irwin – Editorial

... This manual directs students with a step-by-step guide to approaching scientific inquisition confidently. I wish I was afforded this perfectly-crafted practical tool before I began my career in medical research.

Dr Daniel Donner – Editorial

Some Statistics

A pilot study designed by A Team Tuition was conducted with 33 of its students from 2012 through to early 2013. The study involved students answering a questionnaire before reading the EEI manual - based upon their perceived EEI knowledge - then another questionnaire post reading this manual. The following results were found.

General EEI Knowledge and Ability

Perceived EEI Knowledge of students increased by:
Perceived Ability to Construct an A Standard EEI increased By:

Individual EEI Componenets

Perceived ability to construct an Abstract increased by:
Perceived ability to construct an Introduction increased By:
Perceived ability to construct a Literature Review increased By:
Perceived ability to construct a Method Section increased By:
Perceived ability to construct a Results Section increased By:
Perceived ability to construct a Discussion increased By:
Perceived ability to construct a Conclusion increased By:
Perceived ability to construct a Reference List and Appendix increased By:

Student Grade Analysis

About the Author - Hayden McEvoy

I created this manual to aid years 10-12 Physics, Chemistry, Biology and university students in the construction of A+ Extended Experimental Investigation (EEI) assignments and Research Reports.

It's the simplest EEI manual ever created for secondary and tertiary school sciences. Throughout my extensive tutoring career helping students achieve consistent A+ results I have discovered algorithms which have led to the creation of my own personal strategies which are all contained in the manual. It also goes that step further providing three exemplar A+ assignments and an in-depth step by step guide.

The manual has been thoroughly edited by a total of ten people including PhD scholars, university and school science teachers and students. The manual has also been crossed checked with the Australian curriculum and meets all professional research standards. For anyone who's serious in being academically successful in the science fields, this is the secret you have been looking for!

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